One year of Net Neutrality Regulation


One year has passed since the EU-regulation on open internet, the net neutrality rules, became effective. In the first annual report to the European Commission and BEREC, PTS presents the activities undertaken during the year.

PTS has carried out both supervisory and information efforts and surveys for information retrieval, to fulfill its role of monitoring the rules of the Regulation.

The national regulatory authorities in the EU shall annually report to the European Commission and BEREC, on actions taken according to the EU (2015/20) Regulation on open internet.

In the report, PTS describes the development on the Swedish market and the activities the Authority has conducted according to the new Regulation. In the supervision during the first year of the Regulation PTS focused on the operators' transparency in relation to end-users, and on the traffic management undertaken in two operators' mobile offers on “free-surf” (zero-rating offers).

The report further outlines the supervision efforts initiated after the reporting period (April 30, 2017).

In the report, PTS concludes that there is a need to raise more awareness and understanding of net neutrality regulation among end-users, through further information efforts.

Read the report.

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