Assignment in the 900 MHz-, 2.1 GHz- and 2.6 GHz bands

PTS intends to assign frequencies in the 900 MHz-, 2.1 GHz- and 2.6 GHz bands during 2023.


Public invitation is published

Planned auction start is September 2022 and applications shall be submitted to PTS no later than September 30 2022. The open invitation for applications is divided into two parts: Open Invitation Part 1 (OI Part 1) and Open Invitation Part 2 (OI Part 2).

Open Invitation Part 1 (now published) contains information about the protection of Sweden’s security when using radio transmitters, about PTS’s consultation regarding applications with the Security Service and Armed Forces, and about the requirement to submit an application for a licence to use radio transmitters in the relevant bands and how this application is to be submitted.

Open Invitation Part 2 will contain other rules regarding the auction procedure, such as auction rules and rules on competition-promoting measures (spectrum cap), as well as all the conditions that the licence to use radio transmitters will be associated with. The consultation of the Open Invitation Part 2 is preliminary planned to January 2023.

An English translation of the documents are available here.