Sweden’s most modern public authority

In November 2015, PTS, the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority, was named Sweden’s most modern public authority – an accolade awarded by Kvalitetsmässan, the Quality Trade Fair, in conjunction with the Swedish Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications, PwC, the innovation agency Vinnova, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, the Union of Civil Servants and Saco-S, the negotiating body for state-employed academics. We outline below what we believe to be the decisive factors in our win. If your agency or organisation would like to know more, please feel free to contact us.

PTS works on a range of measures to promote competition. We allocate spectrum so that it will be of maximum benefit to society and promote the rollout of broadband across the country. We aim to achieve secure communications and to safeguard the integrity of users. We look after the interests of consumers and work to ensure that everyone, whether disabled or non-disabled, can make use of electronic forms of communication. And much much more.

With such a wide range of tasks, and because we work in a sphere that is changing and developing so rapidly, it is important for us to be creative and fleet of foot. We are a hive of creativity, a breeding ground for ideas and innovative solutions. But we also have a high level of skills, and we undertake all our various tasks – from administering permits to strategic planning – with meticulous care; a consequence of having a team of skilled staff who enjoy their work.

Appraising our internal activity

The competition gave us an opportunity to have our internal activity appraised from the outside. Our work on the award enabled us to enhance our own skills and hone our ability to collaborate across departments, which meant that we were also able to uphold PTS’s own organisational culture – of selfless teamwork; clarity and trust; development and creativity; and balance – in a concrete and engaging way.

We won the competition because we entered as a team; every employee has contributed their expertise and played a role in our win, so every employee can take pride in our success and feel in no doubt that they are ambassadors for our work and our culture.

We approached it as a project

At a practical level, we ran our participation in the competition as a project. For maximum success, we needed at least one committed participant from each department. Also of importance was the fact that the participants felt free to put forward wide-ranging ideas and viewpoints for discussion, and that opinions and suggestions that crossed unitary and departmental boundaries were also welcome. We brought together representatives from all corners of the organisation and formed a working group that offered up a veritable cornucopia of ideas and enthusiasm. At this early stage we realised that we were almost at our goal already; it’s this approach, exhibited by all our employees, that makes our organisation a modern one! By meeting and working in a way that completely cut across departments and levels, we were able to pool expertise that we had probably suspected we had but had never properly identified.

The working group was then divided into four smaller groups based on the focus areas for the competition: quality, simplicity and efficiency; committed, skilled staff; renewal and innovation; and sustainable, environmentally-aware development. The groups suggested measures we had put in place that needed to be highlighted for the purposes of the competition and also proposals for action we should take to achieve the aim of becoming a modern public authority. The actions and proposals were worked up in workshops and group sessions, and we tried to ensure that there was as much buy-in in the relevant department as possible. However, it was equally important to ensure that, even if we were not successful in the competition, the actions would lead to a number of clear improvements in the way we operated as a workplace.

Would you like to know more?

If your agency or organisation would like to find out more about the work we did to become Sweden’s most modern public authority, please feel free to contact us.