Department, section and head of department/section

Director-General Dan Sjöblom

Deputy Director-General Catarina Wretman

International Affairs Coordination, Ola Bergström

Competition Department, Rikard Englund 
Responsible for operator issues relating to access networks, interconnection and broadcasting, and also price regulation and economic analysis.

Supervision and Disputes, Marielle Sjögren
Regulation of Broadband Infrastructure, Kristina Mellberg
Electronic Communication Services, Emma Närvä
Economic Analysis, Tania Abdali (acting)
Governance, Anders Öhnfeldt

Connected Society Department, Kerstin Karlsson (acting)
Responsible for consumer issues relating to accessibility to electronic communications, services for people with disability issues concerning consumer protection and market analysis.

Market analysis and broadband promotion, Bianca Gustafsson Kojo (acting)
Inclusive IT and telephony, Peter von Wowern
Consumer rights, Ann-Sofie Eriksson Fahlgren
Broadband promotion and state aid, Maria Sörman

Network Security Department, Patrik Bystedt (acting)
Responsible for PTS’s work with robust communications and issues concerning security, integrity and addressing; for example, supervision and the numbering plan.

Numbering and Addressing, Bo Martinsson (acting) 
Resilience and Readiness,
Rita Hammarstedt (acting)
Reliable communications and trust services, Anna Montelius (acting)
Secure and Confidential Communications, Staffan Lindmark
Section for protective security and internal information security, Henrik Christiansson

Postal Affairs Department, Olof Bjurö
Responsible for supervising the postal sector and licences for postal operations.

Postal Supervision, Emma Maraschin
Missing Letters, Helene Rosang 

Spectrum Department, Jonas Wessel
Responsible for policy and rules for the frequency spectrum, frequency planning and granting licences for individual radio transmitters. Also for granting licences following an open invitation; for example, by auction. The department is also responsible for market control and issues concerning radio supervision.

Section for Spectrum Analysis, Anna Beckius (acting)
Section for Spectrum Development, Nina Gustafsson
Section for Spectrum Licensing, Karoline Boström
Section for Spectrum Supervision, Magnus Leijel

Administrative, Thomas Yde (acting)

Communications, Peter Ekstedt (acting)

Human Resources, Rebecca Källskog

Legal Affairs, Karolina Asp