The EU consists of 27 European countries that, through agreements and treaties, have transferred certain elements of their national constitutional power to the union. Sweden has been an EU member since 1995.

Decisions about legal acts within the Union are made primarily by the council of the European Union, usually called the Council of Ministers, and the European Parliament. The European Commission, on the other hand, implements the decisions and administers EU law. The European Court of Justice is the union's court. EU activity is crucial to Swedish law within the postal services, telecoms and radio sectors.

This site includes a general presentation of the EU institutions, links to their web sites and EU documents.
European Union

Here, you can find information about the European Commission's policies for telecoms, postal services and spectrum issues. The site is run by the Commission's Information Society Directorate General, formerly Directorate General XIII.
Commission's Information Society Directorate General

Council for the European Union, the Council of Ministers

The Council of Ministers comprises one representative from each EU country's government. The Presidency of the Council of Ministers rotates between the member states every six months.
Council of Ministers

The European Parliament

The European Parliament comprises EU citizen representatives that are directly elected every five years. The European parliament has legislative and budgetary authority, and that of controlling executive power.
European Parliament

The Commission of the European Union

The European Commission's activities include drawing up bills, exercising certain executive authority and supervising that member states follow EU legislation. The European Commission is divided up into different specialised divisions called Directorates General. Issues relating to telecoms and spectrum use are handled mainly by the Information Society Directorate General, whilst matters regarding radio and telecoms terminal equipment are handled by the Enterprise Directorate General. Postal issues are handled by the Directorate of Internal Market.
Commission of the European Union

The European Court of Justice

The Court's task is to ensure that the EU law is interpreted or implemented uniformly across all member states, that it retains its [community spirit and character] and is implemented equally for all.
European Court of Justice

ENISA, European Network and Information Security Agency

ENISA is the European Network and Information Security Agency. In Sweden, the National Post and Telecom Agency, PTS, is responsible for ENISA coordination and information distribution.