One year of Net Neutrality Regulation

26/06/2017 PTS reports actions and status based on the new rules

PTS proposes 5 Mbps as new basis level for Internet speed

02/05/2017 On behalf of the government, PTS has investigated the fundamental speed to Internet.

Operators shall treat internet traffic equally according to a draft decision from PTS

07/12/2016 PTS intends to issue an injunction ordering Telia to comply.

Nordic regulators support more focused regulation

26/08/2015 A common position has been prepared.

Positive market development allows easing of broadband regulation

17/02/2015 PTS has adopted new decisions on the regulation of the broadband market.

Poor security mindset when mobile surfing

02/10/2013 Swedes are not as aware of the security risks when using smart phones and tablets as when using computers.

How IPv6 will be deployed

21/02/2012 Guidance from PTS on how to deploy IPv6.

DNSSEC improves Internet security


PTS describes the spyware threat


PTS has today notified the draft decisions about the access to the fixed public telephone network