Focus on consumer interests

PTS must always base its activities on the best interests of consumers.

In an ideal situation, it is the consumer’s active choice that governs the market. For this to happen, consumers must have access to a broad range of services and good information about what the market offers.

Information and complaints

PTS conducts extensive information activities directed towards consumers so that they will have freedom of choice in the market. This information is presented both as printed material and in a special consumer section of PTS’s website. Consumers can also submit complaints about operators to the authority. Complaints may result in PTS conducting supervision work regarding the operator in question.

Communications for all

Part of PTS’s vision is that everyone should have access to communications services. PTS’s roll is primarily to provide the market with good preconditions to provide services. The most important means for a broad range of services is efficient competition. However, there are limitations for what the operators can achieve on the basis of commercial incentives. This may apply to basic services for the whole of Sweden. It may also apply to specific services where the potential customer base is limited. It is then possible for PTS to procure services or decide that an operator should provide them. PTS procures, among other things, services for people with disability, for example relay services for video and text telephony and free directory enquiry services. PTS also conducts development and trial operations aimed at producing new services for people with disability.

Postal and counter services

One of PTS’s tasks is to monitor that consumers have access to nationwide and suitable postal services in the country and that essential postal services are offered at reasonable prices. The Swedish letter mail market comprises just more than 30 operators. The former Sweden Post (Postverket), now the company Posten AB (now a part of the PostNord group), is the largest in the market and conveys almost 85 per cent of all letters in Sweden. The postal service network consists of so called business centres run by Posten AB and of letter and parcels outlets in e.g. grocery stores or petrol stations. In addition to this, rural postmen deliver mail and provide additional postal services to more than 700 000 households in the countryside. PTS also has the responsibility to handle undeliverable mail, that is letters that postal operators have not been able to deliver, in order to identify the mailer and return the letter.